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The Mellon Awards: Celebrating Originality and Qu
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Mellon Awards 2007

This is the LiveJournal community for the Mellon Awards, a peer-run event established to acknowledge quality and originality in Lord of the Rings RPS fiction. Please keep in mind that all the stories recommended, nominated, and recognised in this community are fiction and are not meant to imply anything about the lifestyle, orientation, activities, or real lives in general off the persons portrayed.

Rules & Information

If you would like to get involved in the Mellon Awards, the time is coming soon for contributions. What we are looking for most at the moment is advertising and recommendations. So, if you know of a great story posted during the calendar year 2006 or the year 2007 so far, please let me know! You can email me at viktoriaangelique@gmail.com with the story and LJ name of the author (link would also be very helpful) and I will add it to the recommendations post, which will be updated from now until the end of the nominations period (tenatively scheduled for October 1st). Also please include your own LJ name in your email so that I can credit you for the recommendation. Furthermore, if you like the idea of this community and would like to help get the word out, please feel free to advertise (respectfully) on your journal, LJ-comms, and anywhere else you deem appropriate. Don't forget the comm name, mellon_awards!


Please note: This awards community is not meant to directly compete with any other slash awards. Our philosophy is, the more recognition for authors, the better! This year is a trial run, and the awards is currently run by a single moderator (v_angelique). Feel free to direct any questions or concerns to me. However, no money is involved here (I can't even afford a paid comm account!) and the success of the idea depends on the participation of the fandom. If it works out, great! If not, no hard feelings. Flaming and excessive negativity, therefore, will not be tolerated. Thank you :-D