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Here are some recommendations taken from fic written over the past year and a half that you may have overlooked or need a reminder about before nominating begins in the fall. If you notice that a lot of these stories appear to be written by authors I particularly like, well, you can do something about that! If you can think of a story that you'd like to see here, then by all means, leave me a comment to this thread so that I can add it to the main body of the post.. Just do me a favour and include the story title, author's LJ, pairing if there is one (or more), and a link if possible. And remember, the fic (or the last chapter, at least) needs to have been posted on or after 1 January 2006 to qualify.

ETA: I've been poring over your recs lists, my own recs list, community pages, and the like recently, but r/l is making it hard to focus, so I'd really appreciate some recommendations in the pairings that are hardly or not-at-all represented. The point of this awards is to get all pairings involved, but I just don't have the hours to spend that it would take to find everything out there, on my own. Thanks for your help!

Sean Astin/Elijah Wood

Just Us by beizy

Nighttime by lavitanuova

Ten Months by lavitanuova

Sean Bean/Orlando Bloom

Everything is Good and Green by azrhiaz

Table Dance by amygirl

Turning by padawanhilary and telesilla

Voices, Whispering Together by azewewish

The Watch by wynterhawk

Sean Bean/Marton Csokas

Watching by kimberleigh_

Sean Bean/Dominic Monaghan

Realign by feelforfaith

Sean Bean/Viggo Mortensen

All Right in a Sort of a Limited Way for an Off-Night by telesilla

Complicated by telesilla and padawanhilary

Crimson and Gold by ribby

Dancing With the Stars by telesiilla

Fóllame by saura_

The Morning After the Night Before by telesilla

That's a Good Color on You by telesilla

Sean Bean/Andy Serkis

Rock, Paper, Scissors by jacqui_hw

Sean Bean/Elijah Wood

Illusory by feelforfaith

Orlando Bloom/Billy Boyd

Billy's Best by Lemur

An Education in Scottish Culture by strongplacebo

Orlando Bloom/Dominic Monaghan

12 Days by violettefemme

Crush by absolutefiction

Mating Call by abundantlyqueer

Orlando Bloom/Viggo Mortensen

Haunting by airgiodslv

Shadowing My Dreams by padawanhilary and telesilla

Space and Time by catatonic1242

White Canvas by saura_

Orlando Bloom/Andy Serkis

Troubled Waters by angiepen

Orlando Bloom/Elijah Wood

Anasi Boys by azrhiaz

Apollo by abundantlyqueer

The Art and History of Kissing as it Relates to Elijah Wood by often_adamanta

Attitude Adjustment by chaosmanor

Autodidact by montmorency

Braced for Disaster by montmorency

Choke by wynterhawk

City of Night by montmorency

Crossword by theartoffic

Delivery by airgiodslv

Dynamo by saura_

For a Time by often_adamanta

A Handful of Burnished Baubles by airgiodslv

Handjob by talesinbloom

Masque by abundantlyqueer

Misunderstood by spillingvelvet

Mort by uraneia

Orange by spillingvelvet

Pink by azrhiaz

Pastorale by abundantlyqueer

Kiss for the Dead by wynterhawk

Les Pêcheurs de Perles by abundantlyqueer

Porn and Chocolate! by talesinbloom

Pretty Babies by geniusartist

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Never Die by pirate_hussies

Silk Sheets by abundantlyqueer

Steel by paradise_city

Undine by abundantlyqueer

Unpredictable Weather by wynterhawk

Williamsburg, 1770 by abundantlyqueer

Billy Boyd/Dominic Monaghan

A Brutal Kind of Love and A Brutal Kind of Love (revamp) by georgia_mason

A Game of Two Halves by jacqui_hw

Almost by ficjournal

An Imperfect Affair by shui_hu_zhuan

The Beautiful Game by jacqui_hw

Beg Me by silentdescant

Between Now and Tomorrow by glass_moment

Beyond the Sea by suede_scripture

Billy Boyd and the Risks of Trusting a Monaghan by suede_scripture

Breaking With Tradition by tehpr0n

Bruised by beizy

Casting Couch by watergal

Cordelia's Choice by blackbird_song

Dilse by berreh

Faintly Falling by philomel

Falling by pippinmctaggart

Fatherhood, Football, and Other Contact Sports by dylan_dufresne

The First Five Times by uraneia

Free Associations by feelforfaith

Gaolach by blackbird_song

Gather Ye Pinecones While Ye May by blackbird_song

Happiness by the Way Of by spillingvelvet

Haven't Said Enough by feelforfaith

Here Comes the Sun by mirabile_dictu

Hiding by pippinmctaggart

Hobbits in Toyland by dizzydame

In Dreaming by airgiodslv

Just Hopin' That I Find by beizy

Lay Down Your Treasure by dizzydame

Lost and Found by magickalmolly

Lunchbreak According to Dominic by feelforfaith

Myopia by philomel

Natural Progression by uraneia

Nightswimming by canciona

Paler Than Grass by strongplacebo

Rules & Exceptions by uraneia

Running with the Shadows by foxtales

Scottish by proteinscollide

The Seventh Day by uraneia

The Shop Around the Corner by apple_pi

Smoke & Mirrors by blackbird_song

Specs by silentdescant

Tea by lavitanuova

Things As They Are by elmathelas

This is How I Love You by hyacinth_sky747

This Time Around (The Sun) by apple_pi

Toggling by ladysunrope

Transient by nickelsandcoats

Traveler by feelforfaith

Up and Down the Roads Going by apple_pi

Waiting by marrymemerry

The Way It Is by lavitanuova

When Next I Ask the Time by kiltsandlollies

Working Out the Kinks by dashery

You're a Map of a Place Maybe Someday I'll Go by pippinmctaggart

Billy Boyd/Viggo Mortensen

Burns Night by msilverstar

Cockaleekie Soup by msilverstar

Maté by msilverstar

Where Things End Up by feelforfaith

Billy Boyd/Elijah Wood

In the Dark by sophrosyne31

Like Chocolate by feelforfaith

Ian McKellen/Dominic Monaghan

Decide by silentdescant

Duckling by valerienne

Umbra, Penumbra by philomel

Dominic Monaghan/Viggo Mortensen

All of Our Suns the Same by kiltsandlollies

Kinetic by philomel

Leaving, Fragments, Balancing by feelforfaith

A Man For All Seasons by secrethappiness

Muse by cat_latin

Song Sung Again by tarteaucitron

Violent Motion of Interlocking by feelforfaith

Dominic Monaghan/Elijah Wood

Azure by saura_

The Birds by strongplacebo

Blue-tinted Windows by geniusartist (with OMC)

Discard by buckle_berry

Do You Remember the First Time? by kissing_athelas

Ergo, Enter Orlando by kissing_athelas

First Kiss #1 by herm42

Grudge Match by bunniewabbit

In the Beginning by geniusartist

Irritant by kissing_athelas

The Knickers of My Downfall by queenbtch

The North Star by geniusartist

Smirks, Snogs, and a Silly Slumber Party by lostlollipop

UFO Night by saura_

Viggo Mortensen/Elijah Wood

A Desert Tale by grievous_angel

Consecration by padawanhilary and telesilla

Rainy Day Diversion by empy

Karl Urban/David Wenham

Full Circle by prettypattisue


Alytos by raptureinbloom (Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom)

In the Blood by kiltsandlollies (Dom Monaghan/Norman Reedus)

Push Comes to Shove by helens78 and telesilla (Sean Bean/Bill Fichtner)

Welcome Back, My Pretty Little Pirates--Arrr! by pageten (Orlando Bloom/Craig Ferguson)


Blush by abundantlyqueer (Dom/Elijah/Orlando)

The Bump of Viggo's Nose by apple_pi (Monaboyd/Viggo)

Enemies, Friends (Travel is Danggerous) by buckle_berry (Dombilijah)

Evening, Night, and Morning from the Portugese by watersword (Billy/Dom/Ali)

Free by silentdescant (Billy/Dom/Ali)

Sharing by kyuuketsukirui (Dom/Elijah/Hannah)

These Things and Many More by feelforfaith (Dom/Orlando/Viggo)

Wake-up Call by apple_pi (Dombilijah)

Multiple Pairings and Pairingless

Anyone Who'll Lie Down by tarteaucitron

Azure by saura_ (Dom/Lijah, Viggorli)

Breadsticks by airgiodslv (Dom, Viggo, Orlando)

Driving Ambition by valerienne (Dom/Billy, Dom/Evi)

Party Tricks by suede_scripture (Billy/multiple)

Peregrination by philomel (Dom/Billy, Ali/Evi)

Perilously Here by seedyapartment (Monaboyd, Dom/Orli)

Porcelain and Bittersweet by frahulettas (Orlijah, shades of Viggo/Orli, Viggo/Billy, Billy/Dom)

Qui Ne Change Rien, Qui Change Tout by kiltsandlollies (Monaboyd and Domlijah)

Running While You Sleep by azrhiaz (Billy/Elijah, Monaboyd)

Same As Usual by random_yayness (Monaboyd, Dom/OMC, Dom/Evi)

So Shall the Shadow by geniusartist (Domlijah, Monaboyd)

Summer Camp by often_adamanta (Monaboyd, Orlijah, implied Vig/Bean)

Watching, Wishing, Wondering by sassywitch (Monaboyd, Orlijah, Dom/Orli, Dom/Ian)

Zenith and Nadir by philomel (Monaboyd, Dom/Evi, Billy/Ali)

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